Brioche Dough sliced and ready to eat

Authentic Homemade Brioche Dough

A classic brioche has a very thin crust with a soft and buttery crumb inside. This brioche dough is perfect to make loaves of bread, rolls or many sweet treats.

Short Crust Pastry Dough

This dough makes a wonderfully light and flaky crust which is great for pies, tarts,  and cobblers. If is perfect for recipes that can be sweet or savory.  When I first started baking my very first original creation was a peach cobbler. This was the basis of the crust I made for it. Since then …

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A crusty French bread loaf on a cutting board

Rustic Crusty French Loaf

This rustic crusty French loaf is the perfect bread for sandwiches, croutons or a slice of toast. With just a few ingredients this is a great loaf of bread.

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