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A slice of cake on a white plate topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit

Angel Food Cake

Angel food cake is a soft and light cake made with whipped eggs whites and sugar. Top with your favorite berries and whipped cream for a light and tasty dessert

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Sliced rack of lamb on a cutting board

Grilled Rack of Lamb

Tender rack of lamb seasoned with thyme and brown sugar and grilled to perfection. A wonderful recipe for when you are ready to fire up that grill.

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Candied walnuts spilling out of a glass jar

Cinnamon Candied Walnuts

These candied walnuts are roasted to perfection with cinnamon and paprika. They make a perfect salad or ice cream topping or eaten as a snack.

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A bowl of Vietnamese noodle salad ready to serve.

Vietnamese Noodle Salad

This Vietnamese noodle salad is light, fresh and made with carrots, cucumbers, and rice noodles. It is light and fresh and perfect for hot weather.

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Close up of sliced cranberry and apple strudel
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People who love to eat are the best and people that love to bake love them.”

Sean quoting Julia Child

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